Flushable Wet Wipes Get a Plumbing-Friendly Upgrade

Flushable Wipes Aren’t ACTUALLY Flushable: The Unpleasant Truth 

You may have discovered the hard truth after an expensive visit from your plumber. Perhaps you’ve reached the end of your latest baby wipe dispenser and thought: Surely, there's a more effective way to feel clean after a visit to the loo. Either way, you’re onto something: the wet wipes you've been relying on are not as flush-friendly or healthy as you've been led to believe.

"Jerry and Alissa Staub, a married couple, self-funded their startup Saintly, which markets a foam that consumers apply directly to toilet paper.

In the ultimate irony, consumers’ desire for cleaner bottoms may reduce the long-term cleanliness of the water that they use to wash themselves in the first place."

— In Fatberg Fight, NYC Goes to War Against Flushable Wipes (Bloomberg)

A toilet overflowing with dollar bills in a classical bathroom.

Fatbergs: The Dreaded F-Word

Contrary to their "flushable" label, most wet wipes take half a century or more to break down. So, what happens post-flush? These non-biodegradable wipes contribute to monstrous 'fatbergs'—gigantic masses clogging our sewage systems. With 14,000 wipes used per second, it sure feels like we’re careening toward a fatberg reckoning of cinematic proportions.

It's Time to Graduate from Baby Wipes

Just as you've moved past diapers and pacifiers, it's time to evolve from baby wipes to a wet wipe alternative. Yes, the Tooth Fairy is a fantasy, but fatbergs are a very real and grim reality.

Saintly: The Plumber-Approved Wet Wipes Alternative

Saintly toilet paper foam enhances the cleaning power of ordinary toilet paper without the risk of clogs. And unlike toilet paper spray, this light, airy foam cleanser is designed to rest atop your toilet paper without causing it to disintegrate—offering the efficacy of a wet wipe, just more grown up. Not to mention, the sleek touchless dispenser adds a dash of grandeur to your porcelain throne.

Hand dispensing tissue from a wall-mounted tissue holder.

"Saintly has been a game changer for our bathroom routine.

Our family used to use flushable wipes, but I always had this nagging fear about potential plumbing issues. Those horror stories about clogged pipes really stuck with me—but we just couldn't give up the clean feeling we got from wet wipes.

Then we found Saintly. It’s the first alternative that really works for us.

Now, everyone in the family is always vying for time in the bathroom where it’s installed. Clearly, we need more dispensers—one for every bathroom!"

- Jess M., Saintly user

Experience TRUE Freshness with Saintly Toilet Paper Foam

Dermatologist-tested and made in the USA, Saintly's formula is free from fragrance, alcohol, sulfates, phthalates, and parabens, featuring soothing ingredients like vitamin E and organic aloe. Revel in the refreshing, cool sensation after use—even better than wet wipes and without the negative plumbing and environmental impact.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial for a Guaranteed Happy Bum

If the allure of a clean butt and clear plumbing doesn't win you over, there's a 30-day, money back guarantee so that you can try Saintly risk free.