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Fohm 3-Ply Bamboo Toilet Paper - Free of Bleach, Chlorine, BPA, Fragrance - No Plastic Packaging

Our 3-Ply Bamboo Toilet Paper offers the perfect balance of softness, thickness, and strength - perfect for keeping clean and and avoiding irritation. With 340 sheets per roll, you'll be swapping rolls less often and saving your precious storage space. And since it's sustainably sourced from bamboo, you can help save the planet while taking care of your butt. No bleach, chlorine, BPA, or fragrance - just pure (poo) bliss.

Choose your bulk pack size:

48 TP Rolls

36 TP Rolls





$1.03 per roll



Made with only the best materials.

No bleach or chlorine

No inks or dyes


No fragrance

No plastic packaging

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What Makes Us Different?

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Soft, thick, & strong

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Sustainably sourced

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Ships in bulk for FREE!

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Extra long rolls, spun tight

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$1 per roll

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No toxic chemicals